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Decibel 10
Pro Noise Meter

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A Professional Noise Meter App for Everyone

"Decibel 10" is one of very few noise/sound level meter apps on the market having highly reliable and pre-calibrated measurements. It turns your phone/tablet into a professional noise meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level (SPL) all around. This extremely useful and beautiful tool will not only be a great tool for many uses but also bring you a lot of fun. Have you wondered how quiet is your room or how loud is a rock concert or sport event? Musicians want to tune their instruments at right frequency?  "Decibel 10th" will help you answer all those right now.

What make "Decibel 10" unique:

Highly Reliable Accuracy

  • Tested and calibrated for Apple devices. The precision is matching with top rated apps and real SPL devices

Insta Decibel

  • Capture your dB report overlaid on photos and easily shared via popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Messages, etc.)

Data Export

  • Record and export data up to 24 hours to email for further analysis

Frequency Weighting Filters

  • Support most common used filters: A, B, C, Z


  • HISTO graph to display history of recorded values
  • FFT and BAR graphs to display real time FFT. Those are very useful for frequency analysis and musical tests

Other Features

  • Time weightings (Response Time): SLOW (500 milliseconds) or FAST (200 milliseconds)
  • Trimming calibration from -15dB to +15dB
  • Standard measurement range from 30 to 130 dB(A)
  • Display Current, Average/Leq, and Max values with both nice and clear digital and analog layout
  • Quick reference text to help you compare with real-life examples
  • "Keep Device Stay Awake" option for long duration recording

Beautifully Crafted UI and UX

  • We care about details and make sure the app is not only feature rich but also clear, intuitive for everyone

Watch Support

  • Run the app and check real time dB values right from your watch

Customer Reviews

I never realized how much I use this meter. Anyway, it works super plus I'm nuts about quiet in my office. Now I have the absolute proof
After the latest update I am very impressed. Well done guys. As a sound guy this is one of my most used apps behind the desk
The best hearing you have is what you have today. I have tinnitus. My ears ring all the time. With this app, I can quickly assess the sound level and determine if hearing protection is needed. I found this app easy to load and use. Very clean digital interface and make-sense commands. Thank you SkyPaw!
Sound-level nerd
New UI, and added a summary sheet. Also lets you take photo - which is well labeled with those summary stats and date time stamps! Nice work peeps. Rain finally!
Accurate, simple with good graphics.
Decibel 10th is a quick and easy app that gives you comparative decibel levels. In other words, it's not an OSHA certified meter, but you can compare the audio volume from one shop tool to the next or one concert to the next. Even check out the increase in db from factory installed to those new pipes on your Harley. Nice! jbellrmr
Nice app that is easy to use. Helpful if you attend concerts or other events and are concerned about your hearing! PMinIndy
A simple task but well executed!! Great new features and still maintained the ease of use DMC Frobasher